SkaterTrainer The Official Skater Trainers | Patented Accessories for Skateboards Wheels | Engineered and Made in USA (Neon Green) Review

SkaterTrainer The Official Skater Trainers | Patented Accessories for Skateboards Wheels | Engineered and Made in USA (Neon Green)

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  • Learn Skateboard Tricks fast with Skater Trainers, a Patented Invention Made in the USA
  • SkaterTrainers are endorsed by top skateboard instructors and Guaranteed to Help
  • If your kid asked you for Skater Trainers, These are the Real Ones
  • Universal fit for most skateboard wheels, and made from high quality super durable materials.
  • New Colors. heck out SkaterTrainers other listings for more colors and 100’s of great reviews.

SkaterTrainer is proud to offer our patented unique skateboard accessories. Skater Trainer quickly became the world’s most successful how to skateboard accessories and has already helped thousands of adults and kids skateboard. This listing is for a color combination set that has been requested by many. It includes 4 SkaterTrainers, one for each of your skateboard wheels. New color, Neon Green. SkaterTrainer is engineered and made in the USA. SkaterTrainer are made from the highest quality polymer materials to ensure your SkaterTrainer will last as long as you need it and that it works every time. SkaterTrainer is dedicated to helping kids learn how to skateboard. Adult skaters love SkaterTrainers, giving them the confidence to learn some basic tricks without getting hurt. Parents love SkaterTrainer because it lets them help their kids learn how to skateboard faster before they get burnt out and quit. Learn how to ollie, how to kickflip, and more. How do these innovative skateboard accessories help with skateboard tricks? It is simple, they stop the skateboard wheels from rolling so you can safely experiment with tricks and work out your balance and coordination to learn the steps of any trick. This skate tool is installed by stretching them over your skateboard wheels of your complete skateboard deck. With your SkaterTrainers on, you can confidently tackle the moves of a trick and develop some muscle memory and confidence. Once you have it down, simply pull off the skater trainers and learn the trick for real. SkaterTrainers are the fastest way to ramp up your skateboard skills. It’s a skate tool that works better than using a crack or grass. Works with nearly any skateboard wheel size 48mm – 65 mm, and will even fit even fit penny skateboard wheels and some smaller longboard wheels. Each pack ships with a set of four skater trainers, instructions, and a skateboard sticker.

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